Tom Meets FusionDebug

The First Encounter

As the new web guy here at Intergral it is my job to maintain our public sites as well as our internal system known as FusionOrders.  Our system is written in ColdFusion, so the Team recommended that I install and use FusionDebug.  I have never used a code debugger, why would I need one?! We are all super coders, we don’t need such things!

Over the next few weeks I will be installing, using and learning why I need a CFML step debugger. At the same time I will be evaluating the FusionDebug user experience.  If I can’t find the information online, you can’t either!  Difference is I have access to do what I like to the website. If the process is not fluid, I’m going to change it!

Today I took some time to install and configure FusionDebug with Eclipse, this is the primary IDE used here at Intergral to develop our products.
As you may or may not know, there are a two ways you can install FusionDebug.  I tried both – and immediately became a fan of installing FusionDebug by using the Eclipse plug-in manager – which I will explain below.  For our next version release (coming soon!), I have recommended we provide this download option as the primary way to download and install FusionDebug. I will remove the complete IDE installer as I found it confusing.

Step by Step as I Install FusionDebug

I boot up Eclipse after installing it and begin to read, to find that the installation instructions on the FusionDebug website are not updated for the latest version of Eclipse. These instructions will soon be updated on the FusionDebug website!
After spending a few moments trying to figure out what is going on, I finally work out that the new version of Eclipse has a new name for the plug-in manger.  I added the FusionDebug update site to my new package installer interface and hit next, everything went great. FusionDebug is now installed and ready to go!
The installation of FusionDebug using the Eclipse Update Site is really simple; it takes less than 5minutes

Next week I’ll give you some insight into what I think after my first week of CFML step debugging.

Let me know what you think!

Do you find the FusionDebug install easy or challenging? Let me know on Twitter, Facebook or just reply to this post.