Common Issues

Issue isolation / identification and fix

Intergral has vast experience in isolating issues in complex, enterprise scale systems. Our Adobe certified engineers have worked on some of the largest global ColdFusion based applications and are used to having to work under pressure to identify problems in live, production systems.

Typical engagements involve highly aggressive time-restraints to get business critical systems running smoothly. Building on our consulting infrastructure and vast experience, we’re able to offer the fastest route to identifying and solving your problems.

Our engineers work flexibly and quickly adapt to fit with your requirements – whether you need training on the issue or prefer our engineers to take ownership of and resolve your issues autonomously, we can help.

Many of our engineers are cross-technology trained & certified, which is a necessary requirement in today’s multi-layered application environments. This broad range of skills allows us to confidently and proactively take on a wide range of issues from networking, OS configuration, web, application and DB servers.

Database Tuning

Database issues are a very common cause for poor web application performance. Typical related problems are:

  • Inefficient schemas
  • Missing or incorrect indexes
  • Transaction strategy problems
  • Poor caching strategy

FusionReactor is often deployed to assist in identifying such issues and our experienced consultants have the SQL and Relational Database skills to advise on best practices and ‘hands-on’ help resolve your DB issues.

ColdFusion Development Advice / Mentoring

Intergral are often asked to provide ColdFusion development services for customers who already have their own in-house development teams. In this role, we are able to provide a number of development related services which span the whole software development life cycle, including:

  • Architecture design
  • Requirements gathering and prototyping
  • User interface design
  • Environment setup / SCM configuration / CI configuration
  • Development / programming services
  • Code optimization
  • Software Testing / stress testing / performance testing / test automation
  • Code reviews – for best practices, performance, scalability
  • Continuous server / application analysis

If you are looking to make a decision on which framework is the best for your specific application or you are interested in upgrading to a new framework, Intergral can help you make the right decision.

  • Aspect-Oriented-Programming (AOP)
    • ColdSpring
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC)
    • ColdBox
    • Fusebox
    • Mach-II
    • Model-Glue
  • ORM
    • Hibernate
    • Reactor
    • Transfer

FusionReactor Server Monitoring Installation and Setup

Our engineers can handle all sorts of installations including advising on the best monitoring setup for your platform. Whether you’re running a single instance of CF on Windows or a load-balanced WebLogic on Solaris cluster, we can help.

The service includes a 7 point quick start consultancy covering:

  • Architecture review Advising on the best monitoring architecture
  • Securing access Configuring secure access to FusionReactor
  • Base installation Set appropriate limits for optimal performance on your platform
  • Log archive configuration Getting FusionReactor talking to your servers
  • JDBC wrapping Setup of the JDBC wrapper to allow DB metric collection and archiving
  • Crash protection (notification) setup Configuring CP to levels suitable to your system based on platform review
  • Quick-start instruction including platform review Basic instruction on the most common options and reviewing your resource usage

Installing CF (on standard as well as non-standard environments)

Intergral has a long-term history of working with ColdFusion. We are highly active in the community and our leading monitoring software, FusionReactor, functions on any Java based CFML engine (including Adobe ColdFusion, BlueDragon, OpenBD and Lucee). We also have our FusionDebug software – the first and fastest step-debugger for Adobe ColdFusion; also compatible with Lucee.

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of ColdFusion combined with our tooling allow us to offer support to many non-standard environments. We are happy working with environments such as Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, many un-officially supported CPUs, JVMs and application servers.

We are experts in not only ColdFusion but the augmenting technologies and platforms.

Adobe ColdFusion 2018

Are you thinking of upgrading to the latest version of ColdFusion? Benefiting from our partnership with Adobe we are able to offer you fantastic pricing on the latest release of Adobe® ColdFusion® 2018!
Go directly to our website or Contact us if you have a specific question.

ColdFusion Server / Application Tuning

ColdFusion Server and application tuning is probably our most frequently requested consulting service. Customers recognise that to be able to build server analysis software, you first have to know how the servers tick. We have built up a trusted reputation, providing this type of service to many customers located all over the world.

Intergral are able to work either remotely (via remote/shared desktop, SSH, VPN, etc) or onsite to tune your application and ColdFusion servers. We often use FusionReactor to provide metrics on exactly what the application is doing, before we use this data to perform “root-cause-analysis” in order to identify issues.

Our goal is to ensure that your ColdFusion server and application platform is working optimally, both now and for the future. As part of this service, we deliver:

Current state analysis – including application ‘hot spots’, such as longest running pages and SQL requests, resource analysis (CPU, Memory). We can also provide in-depth metrics, such as templates causing the highest load on your platform. Recommended Actions Plan – relating to server configuration, memory configuration, application specific improvements etc. This service is designed to help you stabilize and strengthen your environment by identifying and resolving issues which could result in system outages or poor application performance.

Application Security / Vunerability checks

We can assess your applications and evaluate if they are vulnerable to external security threats, such as SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting. Applications will be accessed across all levels – including presentation, application and database and provide a comprehensive risk assessment. Once risks have been identified, we can provide fixes and concrete suggestions on how to repair and secure your code base.

Load Balancing / Cluster Setup / Load Testing

We are very familiar with setting up load balancing and clustered environments on a range of hardware platforms. Load balancing improves application response time, by distributing traffic across servers. Using multiple components with load balancing, instead of a single component, may increase reliability through redundancy and is generally a good idea in environments which demand high availability.

Once the load balanced/clustered environment is setup, we can explain how to perform load performance testing so that you can ensure your new environment will stand up to the anticipated demand.