About Intergral

Intergral OfficeIntergral, the company behind CFConsultant offers you a range of services and products in and around ColdFusion. Our professional CF development and support products include FusionReactor, the leading ColdFusion server monitor, FusionDebug, the non-intrusive ColdFusion debugger and FusionAnalytics the application and server analysis tool.

Benefiting from our close partnership with Adobe, we are also able to resell Adobe ColdFusion licenses at fantastic prices – see http://www.buy-adobe-software.com. In addition we offer expert ColdFusion troubleshooting and development. All of our consultants have at least 10 years of ColdFusion consulting experience and actively troubleshoot and work with ColdFusion on a daily basis.

Our ColdFusion consulting services are proven, reliable and 100% customer focused. We work in close partnership with you and can be viewed as a scalable resource that can augment your in-house team – offering you the level of engagement most comfortable for you. Contact us to see how we can be of service.

ColdFusion Consultant Focus

Charlie Arehart

charlie arehartCharlie Arehart a veteran ColdFusion developer and troubleshooter since 1997, Charlie Arehart is a longtime contributor to the community and a recognized Adobe Community Expert.

Charlie is an expert at providing troubleshooting/tuning assistance and training/mentoring for CF teams of all sizes and experience levels. A certified Advanced CF Developer and Instructor for CF 4 thru 10, he also runs the Online ColdFusion Meetup (coldfusionmeetup.com, an online CF user group), and is a contributor to each of the 3-volume series ColdFusion WACK books by Ben Forta as well as many other publications in and around ColdFusion.

A member of the Adobe Customer Advisory Board for ColdFusion and with 28+ years in IT, he’s frequently invited to speak to developer conferences and user groups worldwide.

Mike Collins

Mike CollinsMike Collins a software professional with the last 14 years being focused on web based application development and server administration. Specializing on developing, deploying, administrating and troubleshooting J2EE architectures centered on products such as ColdFusion, J2EE, Flex, LiveCycle and Adobe Acrobat.